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We believe that micro wind and solar hybrid systems are one of the most important source of renewable energy available today.
Independence from the Grid!
No transmission losses.
Empowerment at the local level

West Wind Power’s product is a low wind velocity power generation unit that is combined with solar panels to create a cost effective system and can be deployed anywhere. The simple but powerful design eliminates most of the environmental issues facing the market place today with wind power generation and also the large payback time for such large installation. West Wind Power is started by four Kentucky residents, three of founders have PhD‘s in Engineering and Physics.
West Wind Power’s wind mill is a patented innovative micro wind mill design that captures energy from the natural phenomena of air flow. It uses innovative slit position and width and hyperbolic intake and exhaust designs to more than double the ambient wind speeds. This increase makes economically feasible wind power in low wind environments (sub-class 4) possible. We have made significant progress in turning our vision into reality and our product has potential to be a “Black Swan” to change the dynamics of the huge green energy markets.
Our vision is to install our system at farms, office buildings, parking garages and commercial establishments like gas stations, restaurants and large retail stores. We also envision our system in backyards or roofs of homes to generate clean energy to reduce utility bills and power electric vehicles. Our potential customers include –, military, schools, commercial, and residential customers, it is also applicable for small farms, water installations, remote areas, tall buildings, garages, and suburbs.

What We Do

Hybrid Energy Systems

We develop and manufacture Hybrid Systems for both off Grid and Grid Solutions

Off Grid Solutions

Battery or Grid Solutions

This is who we are, plain and simple.

No matter what the project for which you engage with us, our expertise is shared across the company to fulfill our mission: providing our customers an exceptional experience.

Our Mission

West Wind Energy's objective to develop products and services that increase renewable infrastructure and advance technology in order to achieve a more sustainable and cleaner energy future for our planet.

Quality and Reliability

West Wind Power’s hybrid power generation system is field tested and guaranteed to perform at wind speeds as low at 6 to 8 mph

Professional Team

West Wind Power has assembled a World Class Experience Team to deliver success to customers.

Eco friendly

No carbon emission during operation with Very little maintenance and Nominal upfront cost.


2M Intake Hybrid Wind and Solar System

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