Hybrid Energy Systems

Getting power to the remotest, inaccessible corners of third world countries is a challenge, especially farms. The challenge before us in the renewable energy sector generally, and in Asia, Africa and Latin America particularly, is to reduce the per-unit cost of renewable energy.

Hence, there is a continuous need to innovate to increase efficiency and bring down costs. Innovations can be brought about in various ways – it is possible to harness lower wind speeds and using small distributed Wind Turbines combined with Solar Panels

We built a device via a total system solution that captures the abundant free Solar and Wind power provided by nature. Our solution complements Solar since Wind picks up at Night when there is no Sun and provides power augmentation. This also significantly improves the capacity factor of the Solar Only solution. Thus making it a viable off grid substitution. We also enhance the Wind Power generation by Channeling and accelerating low velocity wind using a chamber - US Patent 8814493. Option to store the excess power in a Battery or Connect to Grid

One 2 Meter intake Diameter 4000kWh/year => 10.9 kWh/day

48 Volts DC motor will drive directly, Sub Motor of 72 Volts, 1500 Watts will deliver 2500 Lt/hr. from 200 to 300 ft depth.

Deepwater Aquatics BLDC8 DC Brushless Water Pump, 2100 GPH Head Pressure: 13.4, Voltage 24, Wattage 67.2.

Solar panel for 3 KW - 25 years Life cycle (10 years 100% 15 years 80%)


2M Intake Hybrid Wind and Solar System

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